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Temporomandibular joint (TMJ) disorders encompass a range of conditions affecting the jaw joint and surrounding muscles. These disorders can cause discomfort, pain and hindered jaw movement, impacting daily life. At our office, we provide TMJ treatment in Midlothian, Virginia, to help realign your jaw and relive discomfort.

TMJ Treatment:

Effective treatment of TMJ disorders involves addressing the underlying causes and providing relief from associated symptoms.

  • Pain Management: Various techniques aim to reduce pain and discomfort, improving quality of life.
  • Lifestyle Changes: Stress reduction and adopting habits that alleviate jaw strain contribute to TMJ relief.
  • Orthodontic Intervention: Correcting misaligned bites or dental issues can alleviate TMJ-related problems.

Customized Approaches:

TMJ treatment is tailored to your jaw’s specific condition and needs.

  • Oral Appliances: Splints or mouthguards can help reposition the jaw, relieving strain and preventing teeth grinding.
  • Physical Therapy: Gentle exercises and stretches can improve jaw flexibility and strengthen supporting muscles.
  • Medication: Pain relievers and muscle relaxants may offer temporary relief from TMJ discomfort.

Long-Term Relief and Improved Function:

By addressing the root causes of TMJ disorders and offering tailored treatment, you can experience significant improvement in jaw comfort and functionality.

  • Enhanced Quality of Life: Successful TMJ treatment reduces pain and discomfort, allowing for normal eating, speaking and smiling.
  • Preventive Measures: Adopting habits that minimize jaw strain can prevent TMJ issues from recurring.

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